Skiathos Island

Did you know where the first Greek Flag was woven?

You guess it right! Skiathos Island! The first Greek Flag was woven in Skiathos at the Monastery of Evangelistria in 1807 and was raised in its original form with the blue color of the Sea and the White cross in the middle!

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The best beaches in the World!

Skiathos has countless beaches all around it like Kastro, Lalaria, Vromolimnos, Banana, Aghia Eleni and of course Koukounaries Beach. Koukounaries Beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in the World combining an amazing pine forest and a lake behind the gold sandy beach! 

Are you an explorer?

Skiathos Island offers a wide variety of activities like water sports, trail running, walking, biking, hiking and more. You only need to decide the type you like the most and simply start exploring and having fun. Many forests, hidden churches and paths are waiting for to discover them and feel the nature surrounding you and your company!

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